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Custom Vision and Cosmetic Centre - VISX® WavePrint™ System

Laser Vision Correction With the WavePrint™ System in the Toronto and Oshawa Area

The Herzig Eye Institute was the first centre in North America to provide Custom Laser Vision Correction with the VISX® WavePrint™ System, an advanced wavefront-guided technology that uses the VISX® S4™ Smoothscan Laser. This laser is fully approved by the Health Protection Branch in Canada and the FDA in the United States. Dr. Navdeep Nijhawan performs laser vision correction surgeries in Toronto at Herzig, while his Oshawa eye clinic is the setting for consultations and other procedures.

Personalized Laser Vision Correction

Each person's vision is unique. The WavePrint™ System allows treatment to be customized based on the patient's personal vision correction needs. The WavePrint™ Map creates a "fingerprint" of the patient's vision by obtaining a precise and detailed analysis of the entire optical system.

The VISX® WavePrint™ System enables our surgeon to personalize the approach to laser vision correction for each patient in Toronto and Oshawa. In fact, Dr. Nijhawan is able to measure and correct the unique imperfections of each individual’s vision, with the goal of helping him or her achieve far better visual quality than what they are currently experiencing with glasses or contacts.

Laser Vision Correction Technology

The WavePrint™ System incorporates a number of VISX® technologies, including the WavePrint™ Map, the 3D ActiveTrak™, and Variable Spot Scanning (VSS™). The 3D ActiveTrak™ is the only system with three-dimensional tracking that follows every involuntary movement of the eye during treatment. Variable Spot Scanning allows for a larger treatment area, offering greater flexibility in developing a more personalized laser vision correction procedure.

Here is more good news: the most recent multi-centre study results presented to the FDA indicated that patients treated with the VISX® WavePrint™ System had better night vision after treatment than they had with their glasses or contact lenses, putting to rest previous concerns regarding night vision and laser vision correction.

If you are interested in laser vision correction in Oshawa or Toronto, please contact Custom Vision and Cosmetic Centre today. If you are interested in laser vision correction and you reside near Oshawa or Toronto, contact the Custom Vision and Cosmetic Centre today.

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