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Refractive Lensectomy

Our Contact Lens Practice: Superior Care and Personalized Service in Oshawa
At our contact lens practice in Oshawa, we have a wide range of high-quality lenses to suit the needs and requirements of each individual patient. People who are new to contact lenses have questions - Custom Vision and Cosmetic Centre will help answer them.

Contact Lens Evaluation

If you would like to wear contact lenses, you should first see Oshawa ophthalmologist Dr. Navdeep Nijhawan - or an optometrist in your area for a contact lens evaluation. Contact lenses need to be properly fitted by an eye care specialist.

The eye doctor will check your eyes to make sure that you are able to wear contact lenses. Nearly everyone can, but a small number of people cannot. The doctor will then determine your contact lens prescription.

We emphasize the use of:

  • High-quality products
  • Professional and individual care
  • Patient education

For our contact lens patients we provide:

  • A complete eye examination
  • Contact lens evaluation
  • Follow-up care program
  • Use of excellent quality products
  • Product replacement program
  • A fee schedule

We believe that your vision is a precious gift, so regular professional care is essential. Whether you see contact lens specialist Dr. Nijhawan in Oshawa, or an optometrist elsewhere, it is important to seek a skilled, experienced eye doctor.

Contact our Oshawa vision and cosmetic centre @ 905.721-1221 with any questions or to schedule an appointment with Oshawa laser vision corrections specialist, Dr. Navdeep Nijhawan.

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