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Evaluating Your Surgeon and Facility: Laser Vision Correction in Oshawa

Over the past several years, there has been an ever-expanding amount of advertising and publicity surrounding the topic of laser vision correction with LASIK and PRK. While much of this information is educational, some patients report a sense of confusion over some of the most important issues, such as selecting a surgeon, what to expect during laser vision correction, and price differences. At our Oshawa practice, we encourage you to ask questions so that you may gather information and make an informed decision about your surgery.

Laser Vision Correction Evaluation

The level of surgical skill, experience, reputation, and success rate of the surgeon as well as the reputation, safety standards, equipment, instrument quality, and staff expertise of the facility are all variables that must be considered when choosing a surgeon and a facility for laser vision correction.

Custom Vision and Cosmetic Centre suggests the following checklist as a guide to choosing your laser vision correction surgeon and facility, whether in Oshawa or elsewhere.

Laser Vision Correction Questions

  • What kind of training has the surgeon had?
  • What is the surgeon’s experience with laser vision correction?
  • What do former patients say about their experience?
  • What do other optometrists and physicians/surgeons say about the surgeon’s reputation?
  • How comfortable do you feel with the surgeon, staff, and facility?
  • Have the surgeon and staff provided adequate information about laser vision correction, including risks, length of recovery, long-term results, and suggested follow-up?
  • Are there any alternative options available if LASIK surgery is not the optimal solution?
  • Does the Health Protection Branch of Canada approve the facility's equipment?
  • Does the price for the laser vision correction seem a little too good to be true?
  • The answers to these questions are vital to choosing a surgical facility, so do your research! The time you invest will ensure that you have made an informed decision about your laser vision correction procedure.

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