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Oshawa, Ontario Opthalmologist

Laser Vision Correction Surgery With Dr. Navdeep Nijhawan: Serving Oshawa, Pickering & Toronto

Laser Vision Correction with PRK or LASIK surgery is one of the most exciting technological advances in the history of eye care and is available to our Oshawa, Pickering, and Toronto-area patients. LASIK surgery and PRK are performed with an excimer laser, which combines argon and fluoride gases to produce a "cool," ultra-violet light. Dr. Nijhawan uses the computer-guided excimer laser to gently alter the shape of your cornea through a series of ultra-precise pulses.

LASIK and PRK Surgery

The Herzig Eye Institute offers two types of Laser Vision Correction: Standard LASIK or PRK surgery and Custom LASIK or PRK surgery, both of which provide excellent results for correcting vision and eliminating the need for distance glasses.

Standard Personalized Custom Vision Correction is the most common procedure performed using LASIK or PRK. The choice between LASIK surgery and PRK surgery usually depends on the thickness of the cornea, which will be determined during extensive testing of the eyes. Dr. Nijhawan will recommend the optimal choice – whether PRK or LASIK surgery or another option - for each Oshawa or Pickering-area patient.

LASIK/PRK Surgery Alternatives

The Herzig Eye Institute provides vision correction using the VISX® S4™ excimer laser, as well as intraocular surgical techniques for patients who do not qualify for PRK or LASIK surgery. A small number of people have refractive errors that are too large for the surgery, or eye conditions that are not appropriate for Personalized Custom Vision Correction. In these situations, two other types of treatment are available through our Oshawa office: refractive lensectomy.

As a comprehensive vision correction centre with the most advanced technology, Custom Vision and Cosmetic Centre and The Herzig Eye Institute are able to provide PRK, LASIK surgery, and other vision correction options. If you live in the vicinity of Pickering , Oshawa, or Toronto and have further questions, please contact our practice today.

Contact our Oshawa vision and cosmetic centre @ 905.721.1221 with any questions or to schedule an appointment with Oshawa laser vision corrections specialist, Dr. Navdeep Nijhawan